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Making democracy work

Levers of change
Political change
Political Change, in a democratic system, requires that we elect representatives that are ready to facilitate the desired changes and who can be relied upon to legislate in support of such change. Democracy can only work for the people when empowered by the education system and by access to the honest reporting of news and information that informs.

Governments will default to serving the interests of a political class in the absence of there being a clear consensus among citizens as to the purpose and function of the State. Governments need to be subject to independent oversight, partisan politicians cannot provide this. The purpose of government in a democracy is to protect and empower their citizens. Unfortunately, all too often, citizens are governed by those who seek to control and exploit them.
Democracy is a complete system
Democracy only fully works where a complete system is in place. This means all the essential practices must be in place otherwise democracy cannot achieve its objectives. The objective is to provide a framework where its citizens survive and prosper as equal persons. The democratic system must include a whole range of practices; for example: free and fair elections, free and fair media, the separation of the functions of legislating, policing and the application of justice. The democratic system in even the most advanced democracies fails to have a set of practices in place that prevents rich and powerful individuals and all corporate entities from buying power and influence; which  need to be stopped by regulating political donations, commercial lobbying and front organizations such as partisan so called ‘think-tanks’.

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